Everyone has issues, problems and concerns. Sometimes big. Sometimes little, everyday decisions. If you’re not sure what to do, or what your options are… we are here to help you.

Substance Use, Abuse, or Addictions problems

We can help if you question whether you have a drug or alcohol problem or a loved one has the problem but they don’t agree and won’t discuss it. Let us help decide on next steps. We can help you, or we can develop a plan to help decrease resistance in your loved one. Let us help determine next steps.

Adolescent, or change of life problems

School problems, attitude, behavior or discipline problems, changes in recent moods or behaviors, not sure what’s happening, and you wonder should you be concerned? Let us help.

Relationship problems

Parent/child or Couples relationship problems: a lot or arguing and angry words or inappropriate silence. If you question whether you need counseling, or can you fix it yourselves? Let us help you decide.

Parenting problems

The adage is “it’s not like there’s a book telling people how to parent” the reality is there are thousands. The problem is there’s not a book telling you how to apply the book to your child. We can help with application of information.

Often there are disagreements about parenting decision and you’re not sure what to do, if you would like an objective perspective, let us help.

Co-parenting or custody problems

Often divorced couple will see a court order as the end, in reality it is just the beginning. The real challenge is figuring out how to live according to the order so that your child benefits. If you struggled to resolve problems together it could be helpful to learn different strategies.

Whether court ordered or voluntary we want to help. If one parent won’t participate voluntarily, we can offer consultation on how to handle the resistant parents and proceed on your own. We do not offer legal advice, we offer parenting consultation that may or may not involve the legal system.

Our approach recognizes, the child/ren as the client of record, doing what is in their best interest. Cooperative and low-stress parents is always in the child’s best interest This is a relationship that is going to last a lifetime, let us help.

Career problems

Career moves or difficult job changes, job dissatisfaction, not meeting potential, not sure about next steps, let us help.


Emotional Management Problems?

Does it feel like you’re always angry, anxious, sad, or some other extreme or extended moods or swings; does it interfere in your relationships or job, or are just not happy? Not sure what to do, let us help.

Our services use Strategic Problem SolvingTM to help resolve a wide range of problems. We help define the problems and then work with you to help develop solutions and a plan to follow to resolution.

Services are Short-term & Solution Focused 

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