Shepherd's Staff

To the Church Leaders

SHEPHERDS STAFF is a community outreach program that offers a church-based platform to reach

out to help people who are struggling with family problems, parent-child and parenting

problems, substance abuse issues or personal problems and look to the church for help. It is an

effective outreach tool to initiate and engage people into the church community.…


Sue has a coworker, neighbor, family member or friend who is having relationship

problems, either marital, parent-teen, substance abuse… etc. She doesn’t know what

to do and she confides in Sue. Sue doesn’t know what to tell her either.

That setup is indicative of many situations church members run into every day.

Whether it’s a coworker, neighbor, family member, or friend. In addition to offering a

shoulder to lean on or a listening ear, they can also provide contact information they

can use to connect to the church based Shepherd Staff where they can help her find

direction or get answers.

SHEPHERDS STAFF can be customized to fit individual congregations by offering training and

education programs to allow ministers and laypersons to provide services.