Strategic Problem Solving

Strategic Problem Solving (SPS) a multi-use cognitive behavioral tool complete with a toolkit

SPS training is the culmination of over a quarter century of learning and experience providing a wide range of services in every sector of the and mental health/addiction system to large multi-cultural populations and age groups from every socio-economic level. Whew… quite simply SPS has been successful in a lot of different

One commonality across populations was they all had relationship problems. SPS is a tool designed to help solve those problems and provide a plan of action.

The training provides both a theoretical foundation and technical skills; then we provide different application for the material. The more people capable of providing the programming the greater the opportunity the material, concepts, and language will be embedded in the community.

SPS training has 3 key components

First: A theoretical foundation used to guide all interventions and therapeutic planning.

An eclectic blend increase knowledge and understanding of material that provides a common language and concepts for anybody establishing a therapeutic relationship!

  • Mental Health Basics
  • Substance Abuse & Addiction Basics
  • Case management basics and effective community referral and resource management
  • A developmental model that tracks and incorporates major life events, circumstances, and trauma history.

Second: A set of techniques and tools for interventions and therapeutic implementation

This training will teach an eclectic array of tools that can facilitate effective therapeutic interventions. Participant will explore various Cognitive Behavioral tools and techniques used to interact with clients and influence their behavior and motivation.

20 CEU’s Approved

  • KY Social Work Board
  • KY Board of Alcohol & Drug Counselors
  • KY LPC
  • KY- EILA 20-Hours
    • Problem Solving / Decision making
    • Developmental Model used to guide interventions
    • Client Initiation & Engagement
    • Group and classroom management skills
    • Creative Contracting
    • Trauma Sensitive Interventions
    • Motivational Enhancement
    • De-escalation skills
    • Crisis & Conflict Management

Third: Application

Programming to give opportunities to use techniques and tools to apply learning.

Adaptable, to compliment and enhance existing skill, talent, and experience level.

Greatest endorsement, 100% everybody who has taken SPS training has claimed it was relevant to their work and would help work performance. This include personnel from several sectors, child services, mental health, justice, education, and social services.

Appropriate for anyone in the role of helping people.

  • Initiation & Engagement tool
  • Interview and Interaction Style
  • Teaching Style for the classroom and small or large groups

Services and programming effective with

  • Addictions
  • Co-parenting
  • Relationships, parents & teens, or couples
  • Classroom management
  • Resistant clients
  • Court and Justice involvement
  • Children and Family Services

Strategic Problem SolvingTM   Introduction  3 Hour

  • Complements and enhances participants skills
  • Facilitates effective intervention, group &  classroom management techniques
  • Helps youth understand relationship between decision making and outcomes.
  • Improves youth engagement, motivation, and buy-in, to increase cooperation, and compliance.
  • Increases awareness of potential “red flags” and responses to high risk youth
  • Provides crisis & conflict de-escalation, management, and resolution options
  • Has proven effective with resistant populations such as at-risk teens, people dealing with substance abuse & addictions, and those under court supervision.
  • Is appropriate for youth workers, bachelors, master’s & doctoral level therapists, counselors, social workers; children service workers, faith-based providers, educators, and juvenile & criminal justice workers.

Actual Schedule TBD:
8:30-9:00           Registration & Networking, (continental breakfast provided)
9:00-10:15         Introduction to Strategic Problem Solving
10:15-10:30       Break
10:30–11:30      Demonstrate Strategic Problem Solving
11:30-12: 15      Strategic Problem-Solving Applications 
12:15-12: 30      Q&A, Evaluations

Any questions contact Thomas Co

SPS 20-hour training breakdown

  • 12hrs classroom time and can be customized to accommodate large groups and agency staff with flexible scheduling options; One 6hr and two 3hr sessions, or four 3hr sessions
  • 8hrs distance learning online, comprised of 4 Primers to be completed before and between training sessions.  

SPS Advantages

  • SPS compliments other more established curriculums that are evidence-based practices, i.e. Motivational Interviewing, Mental Health First Aid, 7 Challenges, Cannabis Youth Treatment… etc.
  • SPS will complement and enhance user skills making them more effective.
  • SPS can facilitate effective intervention, case, & treatment planning
  • SPS can increase Red Flag awareness and response options for high-risk youth.
  • SPS can give long term solutions for immediate problems
  • SPS interjects common concepts and language into the community.
  • SPS can motivate and help clients resolve conflict, solve problems, and make good informed decisions that are in their best interests.
  • SPS can improve client engagement, motivation, and buy-in, and increase client and family cooperation, and compliance.
  • SPS is more mindset than curriculum, it provides a sound intervention philosophy used to guide creative, solution-oriented techniques that lead to positive outcomes.
  • SPS has proven effective with resistant populations such as at-risk teens, people dealing with substance abuse and addictions, and those under court supervision.
  • SPS training is appropriate for non-degreed youth workers, bachelors, master’s and doctoral level therapists, counselors, social workers; children service workers, faith-based providers, educators, and juvenile & criminal justice workers.
  • SPS training is the first step toward being able to provide SPS services and programming.